Open letter to Delaware State Police

Why is the Delaware State Police still ignoring an obvious false report? When someone is on video surveillance, someplace other than where they were accused of being, why wouldn't the person who told police a lie in an obviously false report be immediately arrested? Those were the circumstances August 9, 2010 when Tiffany Marie Smith called the state police at 1:02 PM and reported that Mr. Smith and a I had just been at her house and that he was in violation of a protection order. 

False reports to police are not victim-less crimes. Any person who is falsely accused, in a report to police, is in jeopardy of false arrest and false imprisonment. At a minimum the falsely accused suffers damaged reputation and the report is in police files. This wastes police time and wastes taxpayer resources. Police are devoting their time and resources to the false report when other citizens could be in real need of police assistance. There is a cost to society to allow people to make false police reports. Unpunished, the criminal false reporter is likely to repeat the crime in the future, which we know is exactly what Tiffany Marie Smith continued to do to.

This continued with Tiffany Marie Smith filing another false report, to another police agency, 3 days later and another to a third police agency, a month later. It wasn’t until she went on a rampage and filed 5 more in a month, between July and August this year, that Dover city police put a stop to it. Caught before and never punished for it, the criminal Tiffany Marie Smith continued to use police as a tool of criminal harassment endangering Gordon Smith’s liberty and safety. The false arrest of Gordon Smith at gunpoint could have ended fatally for a man who was never guilty of any crime. 

When the receipt was produced, on August 9, 2010, showing that I, Catherine Gibson, reported to be with Gordon at Tiffany Smith’s house, could not have been there that was probable cause to arrest Tiffany Smith for a false report. DSP should have dropped the charge on Gordon Smith completely, rather than reduce the charge, and they should have immediately arrested Tiffany Marie Smith. When the receipt was confirmed by the video Tiffany, her sister and boyfriend should all have faced multiple charges. That would have brought an end to Tiffany Smith’s career as a criminal serial false accuser.  

That was not the first obviously false report to police. The first proven false report was January 26, 2010. It was Capitol Police that dropped the ball on that one. Gordon Smith was on video surveillance in the family court building when Tiffany falsely reported that he called her from a blocked number. Had he not been on video, not making any call, at the time she alleged it would have been her word against his. But he was in court. On camera. At the exact time when he was accused of making a phone call he could not possibly have made.

The false report, to the Delaware State Police on August 9, 2010, was a more serious false report because it involved two others, who also lied to DSP, saying that Mr. Smith committed a crime. It was crucial that he had the physical evidence to show that he was innocent or he likely would have gone to prison for a crime that was a complete fabrication, by his ex-wife, her sister and then boyfriend.  Click here for proof of that false report.  These documents are from state police files. Are the Delaware State Police so stupid that they can’t find “probable cause” to make arrests? Not likely, so explain why you haven’t made arrests for these crimes?

Delaware State Police are within the statute of limitations for these crimes that have gone unresolved. When the false report was investigated, Tiffany Marie Smith, along with her sister Morgan Evans and boyfriend Bill Merson, stuck to a story that the physical evidence of the receipt and video police obtained themselves clearly contradicts. The three of them conspired to have Gordon falsely arrested. Morgan Evans and Bill Merson are accessories to the crime of the false report to police. Then they committed felony perjury, testifying, in family court, to the same disproved false report. The Delaware State Police were negligent in their duty and obligation to the public, in particular Mr. Smith. Tiffany engaged in criminal harassment, falsely reporting an incident to police, criminal solicitation, conspiracy and felony perjury under the Delaware Code.They need to address that situation and arrest Tiffany and her co-conspirators now.

According to the Delaware State Police website:
“The citizens we serve have an expectation that those who are vested with the responsibility of enforcing the laws of this state, as well as civilian employees, will hold fast to the standards of professional and individual conduct to preserve the respect, confidence and cooperation of society. With this in mind, we encourage you to contact us with any compliments or complaints you may have about the Delaware State Police.”

The head of the Delaware State Police is Colonel Robert M. Coupe ( I would like him to explain to us and the citizens of Delaware why his department has not made arrests for this incident. Tiffany Smith is a pathological liar. 14 false reports six of which were to Delaware State Police and she was only charged with three that she made to Dover City Police. I want to know why the Delaware State Police have given a pass to the serial false accuser, poster girl of false allegations and perpetrator of multiple crimes for this incident.

The Dover Police lived up to the expectation of citizens that laws be enforced. On September 1st they had determined probable cause and obtained and executed an arrest warrant for Tiffany Smith. How many more false reports would Ms. Smith have made to Delaware State Police if Dover police hadn’t  done their job? It is past time for the Delaware State Police to step up and do what they should have done months ago and make arrests for the August 9, 2010 false report.

Delaware State Police can be contacted at (302) 739-5901. The Delaware State Police Office of Professional Responsibility can be reached at 302-739-5990. Delaware State Police is led by Colonel Robert Coupe, who can be emailed at In any contact you make, I recommend referring to Delaware State Police Report 03-10-025226 and ask why Tiffany Marie Smith and her accomplices have not been arrested and charged yet, and why there is not a warrant out for these people’s arrest.  
Catherine Gibson guest contributor 

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