Family Preservation Festival this week

This week many groups and individuals will come together to discuss family law reform in Washington. We will be discussing the problems; paternity fraud, parental alienation, false allegations, visitation, child support orders etc. More importantly we will be discussing solutions. On the agenda, for example; remedies in the Federal Courts, right to free speech vs. harassment, civil rights violations in family courts just to name a few. Hope for a productive experience. To quote F4J's Donald Tenn, "Justice is coming"

From the Delaware Family Law Commission

Comment from the Executive Director of FLAIR

At the May 2010 Family Law Commission (FLC) meeting something monumental, something unthinkable, occured- someone stood and shared with the Commission (with Family Court Chief Judge Kuhn and Chief Court Administrator Guy Sapp in attendance) that the Domestic Violence Advocates at Kent County Court actually encouraged her to exaggerate and distort accusations of domestic abuse for purposes of obtaining a protection from abuse order (PFA).
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