Kent County Family Court soooo bad it's mind-boggling

For the fifth time in four weeks, the Commissioners of the State of Delaware Family Court in and for Kent County have failed to remove the children of Tiffany Marie Smith from her custody. This is the woman who was arrested for filing three false police reports to falsely implicate the father of her children for crimes and making a felony misstatement to police after she cut herself and lay in a ditch to frame him for assault and attempted murder.
This woman is so mentally disturbed that she suffered pain and disfigurement attempting to have the father of her children falsely arrested for the ninth time. Res ipsa loquitur, the thing speaks for itself, is a Latin phrase from the common law of torts but it can be used here because the fact that Tiffany Marie Smith mutilated herself, causing harm to herself, certainly shows that she is a danger to herself. When someone is a danger to themselves or others they should be committed for inpatient mental health evaluation. They certainly should not be entrusted with the care of little children.
Yet, again Commissioners of Kent County failed to remove the children from her custody. Should you or I leave children in the care, even for a short time, of someone who exhibited such dangerous and bizarre behavior, you or I could be charged with child endangerment. In fact the children are in danger and not even professionals can predict with any certainty when Ms. Smith might hurt herself again or her children. Professionals in the mental health field feel that the children are in imminent danger.
Ms. Smith had committed felony perjury, the day of the feigned attack by using her false police reports as evidence to get a restraining order against the father of her children. All charges against the father were dropped after Ms. Smith was arrested for the false reports. Ms. Smith has not been arrested for the felony perjury, nor was she arrested for prior felony perjury,  ( Tiffany Marie Smith perjury and false police reports )   nor is she likely to be in a state that rewards false allegations of domestic violence with the desired results and refuses to hold women who are proven to commit felony perjury accountable. God help the Smith children and protect them. Family Court Commissioners in Kent county haven't and probably won't.   

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