Justice remains elusive in Delaware

Update September 18, 2012
After the decisive action of the Dover Police, arresting Tiffany Marie Smith for her recent spree of false reports to police, the Delaware State Police have still not arrested her and her two co-conspirators who  perpetrated a false report to police, harassment, criminal conspiracy, accessory before the fact, felony perjury,  Physical evidence contradicts false report ) on August 9, 2010 and in the investigation and court hearings where they three liars swore to their false statements to police. As you see, on that link, the physical evidence contradicts the lies.
The Kent County Family Court has not dismissed the PFA on the non-custodial parent who was the victim of the false reports to police, that were the basis of Commissioner Lou Ann Vari granting a protection order against him. Kent County Family Court Commissioners apparently do not think that the custodial parent who filed numerous false police reports and injured herself to frame the non-custodial parent is a danger to herself or her children. Ex-parte petitions have been denied to allow the non-custodial parent to even see his children. The custodial mother/serial false accuser, now charged with 3 separate false reports and felony misstatement to police, is in contempt of court under the recently granted misguided protection order which allows visitation arranged through third parties. Ms. Smith has failed to respond to any third party contacts. The children remain in the custody of Tiffany Smith, a dangerously disturbed woman. Hearings were set but postponed because she can't be found to serve legal notice of the hearings. Maybe the Commissioners should read this: Restraining order helps mom murder children Kent County Commissioners must think that they can hide behind judicial immunity should anything happen to those little children. They are wrong and I hope that the occasion to prove this to them never arises. Lip service aside, actions speak louder than words. They are not interested in the welfare and safety of the children. They are not interested in the fact that they have been played for fools by a pathological liar for the past 4 years. They are not interested in the children's right to have a relationship with their father and the fact that the mother is a parental alienator who has used the courts to facilitate the alienation. They are not interested in justice. Delaware Family Court remains the Worst in the First and I think Kent County Family Court is vying for the top spot out of the three counties.

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