Justice in New Hampshire

A woman was prosecuted in New Hampshire for false allegations against her ex husband and is now in prison doing serious time. She bought a cell phone in her ex husband's name and sent herself threatening text messages, from that phone, and then had him arrested for violating a protection order. She is already serving years in prison and now she is facing additional charges along with her mother, her boyfriend and her ex-husband's brother.
Falsifying evidence is not uncommon although in DE all you have to do is allege that someone violated a protection order, no evidence is required, so you don't have to bother to make any up.
Here is the heart warming story:
"Ruggiero faces 21 new charges"
Will we ever read a headline like that in Delaware? Doubtful. AG Biden and Patricia Dailey Lewis, who runs the Family Division of the DOJ, will not prosecute for false allegations of domestic abuse made in Family Court and have said that. While I am not aware of anyone in Beau Biden's office ever flat out saying that the DOJ doesn't prosecute people who make false police reports of domestic violence/criminal contempt of protection orders (PFA) I can tell you that they don't. That statement is supported by empirical evidence. Not since the Jim Crow era has there been such widespread abuse of the civil rights of one class of citizens by another class of citizens gone unaddressed by police and prosecutors.
One prosecution, in Delaware, like Ruggiero, would set an example that would reverberate down to the Family Court. False allegations and false police reports of domestic abuse would plummet if people saw that there could be serious negative consequences. Police and court resources could be saved for actual victims of actual crimes, taxpayer dollars could be saved not to mention innocent people and their children would be spared the adverse experience.
Making a false police report is a crime, a misdemeanor, in Delaware. Attorney General Biden took an oath to uphold the Constitution and the laws of the State. Apparently they do in New Hampshire.

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