The charges against the Executive Director of FLAIR were all nolled when the case was continued on January 18, 2011. He has been the victim of eight false police reports that resulted in six arrests on seven charges and of false allegations and perjury that resulted in four protection orders. It will require going to court to expunge his criminal record and at this time there is no way to clear the record of vacated protection orders.
AG Biden has stated that women who make false allegations for protection orders will not be punished. Apparently committing the crime, a misdemeanor, of false police reporting is not subject to prosecution if you are a woman making a false report against a man. Reminds me of the days when whites could commit crimes against blacks with impunity in many parts of the United States. Laws are made to apply to everyone equally. To allow a class of citizens to commit crime against another class of individuals is morally wrong, illegal and unconstitutional.
Biden's job is to uphold the laws of Delaware and if he can't or won't do that they he is not fit to be the Attorney General.

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