A year ago this video with Attorney General Biden was posted and the situation has only gotten WORSE

"Perception does not always equal reality.
Each year thousands of false allegations of domestic abuse result in men being removed from their homes.
False allegations result in innocent father’s being kept from seeing their children
False allegations result in arrest of innocent men
AG Biden’s office turns their back on the false allegations of abuse. And the Delaware Family Courts actually reward the false allegations with the desired results
Just as egregious as domestic violence is are the false and exaggerated claims that go unaddressed, un-investigated and unpunished."

WHY does Attorney General Biden refuse to address the issue of FALSE POLICE REPORTS of domestic violence and false police reports of violations of protection orders which result in mandatory arrest for criminal contempt?

Delaware: Falsely reporting an incident
(DEL. CODE ANN. tit. 11, § 1245)
Up to 1 year incarceration;
No less than $500, nor more than $2,300 fine;
Minimum 100 hours community service;
Reimbursement of responding agency for expense

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