From the Delaware Family Law Commission

Comment from the Executive Director of FLAIR

At the May 2010 Family Law Commission (FLC) meeting something monumental, something unthinkable, occured- someone stood and shared with the Commission (with Family Court Chief Judge Kuhn and Chief Court Administrator Guy Sapp in attendance) that the Domestic Violence Advocates at Kent County Court actually encouraged her to exaggerate and distort accusations of domestic abuse for purposes of obtaining a protection from abuse order (PFA).
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  1. The woman who spoke at the Family Law Commission meeting, where she gave a very specific example of a false allegation, had also privately spoken with a State Representative who was a member of the FLC prior to that. She was not the first woman to tell me that domestic violence advocates encourage lies to get protection orders. She also personally told me sometime later, when we were traveling together in a car, that "she never felt abused". Her husband never raised his hand to her or physically hurt her. Kudos to her and the other two women who have come forward with their information.