Gordon Smith Attorney General Biden video

Video on Youtube doing good. If you "Google" "Gordon Smith Biden" you will get results to link to the video. We're over fifteen hundred now. Pretty impressive huh? What Gordon would like to see is more public awareness about the issue and discussion among the people with the power to make the needed changes.

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  1. Prior to that day, when I had the opportunity to ask Attorney General Biden about false allegations and their consequences on innocent men who loose some of the Constitutional rights that we are all supposed to have, I had addressed it with his office and family court administration to no avail. Domestic violence was ignored far too long by society but now the pendulum has swung too far in the other direction where mere accusations are often considered "evidence" of violence and innocent people, usually men, are subject to a defacto conviction that appears on employment background checks, loss of property and negative impacts on custody and visitation. As a result of my experience with the family court system I co-founded an organization called Family Law Advocates Initiating Reform; FLAIR. You can email me at weareFLAIR@gmail.com and don't forget to check out the links at the bottom of this page. Together we can make a difference.