In forma pauperis

Subject: Judge short circuits appeal

Judge *'Willie the Worst' Walls denied motion to proceed in forma pauperis submitted by a man who was at that time homeless and receiving Medicaid and Food Stamps. This short circuited the man's Appeal to the Supreme Court as he could not afford to have the transcript prepared.

Thus Wall's decision never reached the Supreme Court.

The man was homeless in the first place because his wife got a PFA where Commissioner Blades granted her "relief" in the form of the couple's 2007 vehicle. She lives where she has access to three other vehicles and he was reduced to public transportation to his job in Wilmington. As there was no bus back to Dover when he got off work he couldn't keep his job. His motions to get the car back were not granted. With no income he could no longer pay rent and became homeless over the winter months.

You can NOT appeal the denial of an in forma pauperis.

Just how poor do you have to be for Judge Walls to consider you a pauper or was he just short circuiting the appeal on his decision.

*"Willie the Worst" is beyond any shadow of a doubt the worst Family Court Judge in Kent County. We'll have to wait and see how he does statewide in the WITF poll (on the right)
Kent County is also the venue for some really bad Commissioners: Horsey, Blades and Vari.
Almost makes you feel sympathy for Judge Nichloas, Judge Pyott and Commissioner David Jones but the people who deserve the most sympathy are the families whose cases are assigned to Judge Walls. Is he incompetant, corrupt or just lacking judicial temperment? I really don't know.

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